Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sewing up a few lose ends and knitting it all together

Time to wrap up (for now at least) on the WBS and allied products.

I mentioned that sometimes there was a lot of work and not much product. If you need better control around this or simply better control period then I enclose a work package template here.

The first half is pretty much Prince 2 all the way. The second half incorporates specific test management activities intended to root out defects.

Two interesting points about work packages - sometimes resource pools really respond well to them. They can definitely accelerate delivery. Secondly, if you ask for written checkpoint reports from assigned resources you can rely on finding out problems after they've happened. If you take the time to verbally engage with the assigned resources you might be lucky to catch sight of problems before they occur.

Next I include a small but useful resource which is distilled from the WBS (which we have talked about) and the project plan (which we haven't) which nicely sows up all the delivery dates for all the products. 

For ease of administration I recommend including the WBS dictionary, the product descriptions and the product handover log on different work sheets in the same work book. I've never done anything clever with this using SharePoint / Excel Web Services but doubtless they'd be some value in exploring this.

I'm a bit cautious with the illustration below but felt it was worth including even in its slightly flawed state. The PBS is a bit nomadic, and there are one or two abstractions too far. But I think there's more right with it than wrong so I include it here and welcome suggestions for how it can be neatened up a bit.

There's a heck of a lot more worth exploring, both central to the illustration above (testing, estimating, tracking and controlling progress) and peripheral (benefits management, value management, business case writing) to name but a few. But, that's all for another post on another day.

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